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Veryan V.A. Primary School

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Veryan school was built in 1872, on the site of an earlier school built by the Revd Jeremiah Trist, the parish vicar and considerable landowner, as a place ‘to educate the children of the parish’, a task which has been carried out continuously for the last 190 years.   It is situated in the heart of the village of Veryan, an ‘Area of Outstanding Beauty’ and a ‘Conservation Area’.

The school comprises three main classrooms, one of which can be divided into two smaller classrooms when required, a library, office/staff room and lobby.  Outside the school is a tarmac playground and it may also use the extensive Sports and Social Club playing fields by an agreement with the Club committee.

Admissions Policy

The planned admissions limit for Veryan school is 14 for each year group.   Although the school would like to offer all eligible children the ‘Veryan experience’, unfortunately the school buildings physically restrict the numbers that may be accepted.   The School governors have decided the following points system should be applied when admitting pupils, should the number of applications exceed the year limit:

1.    Children who live within a three mile radius of the school                           4 points.

2.    Children who already have older siblings at the school                                2 points.

3.    Children of practicing Christian families in the parishes of Veryan and Ruan   1 point.

Children are admitted to the school for full-time education in the term in which they reach their 5th birthday.   In addition, children who are five between 1st January and 31st August are admitted as part-time children in the September of the school year. 

Places for reception children are allocated during the Autumn term for the forthcoming academic year.   Admission forms must be returned to the school by 15th December for places at the start of school in the following September.

School Hours

Pupils hours are from 9.00am to 12.00am and 1.00pm to 3.15pm.   During playtimes and lunch breaks, members of the teaching and support staff are on duty in the playground to ensure the safety of the children.

Sports Activities

The children are encouraged to participate in sporting activities.

Dress Code

A high standard of dress is encouraged and the school uniform colours are:  Grey/black/navy trousers, shorts, and skirts, royal blue sweatshirt/jumper and black or brown shoes.

School Staff 

The school has an establishment of a headmaster, three teachers and eight support staff.

Parents and Friends Association

Veryan school has an active Parents and Friends Association whose aim is to raise money to help purchase items for the school which cannot be purchased from the school’s own budget, for the benefit of the children.   The PFA arranges regular social fund-raising events and decides on the items which it would like to purchase for the school.   It needs the involvement of parents and friends of the school and enthusiastic support for its fund-raising functions.

School Web Site

The school has set up its own web site which can be accessed at


Sadly, there have been several incidents of vandalism at the school with damage and theft involved.   Please keep an eye open when near the school and report any incidents immediately to the police/Neighbourhood Watch.   The playground is a private area out of school hours and it has occasionally been left in a dangerous state for our children.

There are concerns about parking outside the school, often blocking access for residents and emergency services to the six house situated behind the school, and on the road either side of the square outside the school, dangerously cutting off the sight lines for people trying to drive from the square onto the road.   Car users are asked to be aware of the problems.

The school would like to encourage more parents, relatives and friends to support reading and/or other activities.   Please contact the school (501431) if you would like to help.

A planning application has been submitted for an outdoor playing area that can be accessed continuously by children in Reception and Year 1.

The school is trying to utilise internal space more effectively in order to create a staffroom – if anyone has a sofa or two to spare it will enable the school staff to sit in more comfort than on plastic chairs designed for small children!


Veryan School Vacancy

Veryan School Vacancy

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